Bye Friends,

It’s a very sad day for us. 

Ten years ago, we set out to create an innovative hosting for developers. We believed that we could help engineers by giving them a hosting solution that was easy to deploy-to.

Along the way, we created the Webbynode Platform, along with its innovative command line deployment engine, which allows developers to easily deploy applications to our cloud with minimal setup.

Unfortunately, the hosting industry has become incredibly commoditized, and sadly we did not have the resources to evolve at the speed in which the market dictated.

Today we have companies such as Heroku, who are doing exactly what we set out to do 10 years ago, and we tip our hats off to them, as we shut off out lights.

Going offline

Unfortunately, for reasons beyond our control we are unable to fund Webbynode into the next month, however we will keep your servers running until the expiration of the current cycle.

The servers are shutting down on 03/31/2016.

Contention Plan

We understand this is a last minute ordeal, and something very hard for us to do. For this reason we were able to secure a great deal for you, with one of our friends in the industry.

You will receive 60 days of free service at by using this coupon code: WEBBYNODE. is a leader in the high performance virtual hosting space. I’ve worked personally with their team to help make sure any transition should go as smoothly as possible. 

Most Webbynode clients will find a good fit with the unmanaged packages here -

Our clients needing bit more power and/or management may want to look at the hybrid packages here -

You can also reach out to the sales team (Jean, Fred, Derek, and Andrew) via chat on the site or by emailing

In closing

With this, we want to thank you for your support through the last 10 years. We could not have gotten as far as we have without you. 

We bootstrapped this service for people like you, so it hurts down to our core not to be able to do it any longer. But we know it’s for the best.

I want to thank you for all your support, on behalf of myself and the entire Webbynode Team. 


When will the service be shut off?

Servers will be shut down sometime on 03/31/2016. We advise you to migrate your servers by 03/30/2016.

Do I need to do anything?

Yes, you need to migrate your website to the service of your choosing, or you can go with the offer from using the “WEBBYNODE” coupon for 60 days of free hosting.

Can you do it for me?

Unfortunately not. We do not have the resources or team at hand in order to handle the transfer.

60 days free hosting?

Yes. Our friends over at will offer you 60 days free, as long as you use the coupon code: WEBBYNODE. 

Can I still access Webbynode Manager 1 and 2?

Yes, Manager 1 and Manager 2 will be available until 03/30/2016.